Marketplace Monitoring Tools

Instant and accurate data that can be obtained in real time.
Monitor all sales data of your business and your competitors

Experienced in Tools Development

InsightBuzz MarketPlace is the second tool (after Social Media Listening Tools) developed by Insight First Asia to support your business

Reliable in Providing the Service

We not only provide a dashboard, but also able to provide reviews and analyzes that can help clients define strategies

A team of experts in the consumer's journey

Complete team structure under Insight First Asia holding who are experts in the fields of IMC, Methodology to UI/UX coding. Provide an Easy-to-use dashboard with sharp and complete data

Technology and skill and based innovation

Technology and skills drive the innovation. Technology and the use of that is going to determine the business process to compete in the global marketplace and Ecommerce.

Analysis Provided by InsightBuzz:

Why Insight Buzz helps your Business

Custom dashboard tailored to business needs

Dashboard is made according to business needs: making that it is sharp, fast and accurate

Real time web-based data

Real time data that can be withdrawn at any time via a PC or smartphone and can be imported for business presentation needs

Comprehensive and Detailed data

Down to competitor’s brand, product variants, most cities, most stores, daily sales, and links to these stores

By Having Insight Buzz MarketPlace Monitoring, you :

Case Study


Estimated Total Sales of “Cat Food” based on brands sold in the Tokopedia & Shopee using a sampling of 10 popular brands. Total sales sampling data is 129,851,944,157. As much 58.7% (76.5M) majority of sales came from Shopee.


Estimated Total Sales of “Motorcycles” based on brands available in the Tokopedia, Shopee, and Blibli using a sampling of 4 popular brands. Total sales sampling data is 248.931.411.136, where 80% (199 billion) of sales occurs at Tokopedia.

Access to data you want in an interactive and easy to use interface

Who is selling your products

See a list of all sellers selling your products, along with how many listings each seller has.

Where are these sellers based?

A powerful location based filter allows you to focus in on either domestic, European or Rest of world sellers, at the click of a button.

Periodical information

As we index the data, we can offer both a current and historical snapshot. This enables our clients build a historical record dating back to the beginning of our tracking process.

Ability to slice and dice the data

Complete flexibility at your fingertips to apply filters, switch between a seller or items page view and monitor top level summary information in your dashboard.

Export ability

Export from all pages. We have built in an export function which allows you to extract data into a CSV file from any page you are on. From there you can manipulate the data as you wish.

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